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Elite Health Concierge

Michael Torchia’s Elite Health Concierge Service takes healthy living to a whole new level. We are an elite concierge company that can fulfill the client’s needs and demands well beyond their expectations.

We have used our years of experience establishing relationships with the finest health and fitness experts to give our clients the best services and VIP treatment. Our elite team of experts is available to travel anywhere in the world and we can handle all your requests.

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Operation Fitness Expos

The Operation Fitness Expos provide a unique opportunity for health practitioners, exhibitors, sponsors, and nonprofit groups to reach a well-informed and open-minded audience; showcase their programs, products and services, and present their campaigns to the public.

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Real Avatar

Real Avatar Incorporated will soon be launching a Social Media Application called “Real Avatar,” which will allow the millions of social media users to make head-only Avatars of themselves to send out and receive messages.

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Elite Training


Michael Torchia is a renowned fitness and nutrition expert who specializes in transforming high profile clients for their demanding careers.

Virtual Workouts


Now you can train with Michael LIVE in Real Time from anywhere in the world!
Michael can provide fitness and nutrition consultations using Skype where you can
talk face to face on improving your health and maintaining your progress.

Public Speaking

Michael Torchia is an award-winning public speaker who has addressed distinguished audiences around the world and is available for motivational training seminars and guest speaking engagements.

Health Club Design

An elite group of experts who design Signature Health and Wellness Centers for hotels and resorts.

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Corporate Wellness

Operation Fitness counts its greatest strength as helping employees attain good health, which creates tremendous long-term benefits for both the employer and employee.

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Kids Fitness

The OPERATION FITNESS™ Kids Fitness program was developed to give children an opportunity to enhance self-esteem, become healthier, stronger, and more confident and learn lifelong healthy eating habits.

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Pet Health

Healthy Pet Nation focuses on educating people about the physical impact on their pets bodies to improve well-being whether it’s because of time constraints, stress or over-indulgence.

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Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

Private health for the very public person.

“Mike helped me rehabilitate my bad back and get me in great shape for Sex in the City.”
Kim Cattrall
“Michael helped me lose 30 lbs and build 20 lbs of muscle for American Beauty.”
Kevin Spacey
“Michael helped me become a lean, mean, fighting machine for lhe Bourne Identity.”
Matt Damon


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