Rebel Entertainment Films


Rebel Entertainment Films is a 21st century media company with a variety of sub-divisions dedicated to providing the cutting edge of entertainment and is the brainchild of Michael Torchia. Its operations include television, feature film, financing, music production, media consulting, online programming, merchandising, and product distribution.

Rebel-Entertainment-Signature-StampRebel Entertainment Television Division takes health and wellness to new heights by creating a new infrastructure for the fitness industry and solving the epidemic of obesity. The company has grown to the point that it now works with all subjects and comprises multiple, complementary business divisions, each providing a support mechanism that when taken holistically creates an effective business model for developing, promoting, and marketing programming in a variety of formats across a multitude of channels.

Rebel Entertainment Films  is now looking to leverage its existing assets and relationships to vertically integrate the entertainment industry, including launching media productions, creating and developing programming. With Michael Torchia’s team of experts and his reputation in the entertainment industry, Rebel Entertainment Films will be able to provide creative television programming, feature films and products that are designed for the needs of our target audiences.

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