The Teen America Fitness Challenge (TAFC)  is the ultimate competition – bringing together the best teen athletes in America, with heart and soul. Our young athletes will go head to head in a battle of strength, wit, perserverance and overall altheticism. Male and female athletes from schools across the nation will battle each other for a chance to win the title of Teen America Fitness Champions and change their lives forever.

There will be a nationwide search for contestants to compete in the Teen American Fitness Challenge. Hundreds of male and female teen athletes will gather in several major cities around the country. Anyone who thinks they’ve got the skills it takes to compete will be able to try out for one of the coveted spots as a contestant. A team of former pro athletes and coaches will be the judging panel.  They will be on hand in each city and will help select the players that will move on to the next round.

Operation Fitness will provide top sports performance experts in each city to help guide and push the competitors to go beyond what they thought humanly possible. It will give America the chance to become invested in the hopes and dreams of each competitor as we watch them rise in their efforts to change their lives and become the Teen America Fitness Champions. Two champions, one male and one female, will be selected in the grand finale to receive prizes ranging from athletic gear, gym memberships and sports nutrition supplements.


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