23 12, 2014

Applied Metabolics

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from Jerry Branium’s website


Why the need for Applied Metabolics?

On the surface, it would appear that information about health, fitness, exercise science, and nutrition are ubiquitous.After all, you can read bodybuilding magazines, or look something up on the Internet with no more than a click of a mouse, or a finger on a touchscreen. But there is a notable problem with these sources. I’ve written for bodybuilding magazines for over 35 years, and have had over 5,000 articles published under my own name and various pen names over the years. While bodybuilding and fitness magazines have some great information, there is a limit to how much they can discuss. The reason for this is advertising constraints. Advertising, particularly from food supplement companies, is the life blood of magazines. They no longer can depend on newsstand sales or subscriptions to cover the ever escalating costs of producing a print magazine. For that, they need a much larger income supplied by having dozens of ads in the magazines. Indeed, the average bodybuilding magazine often contains up to 65 percent advertising. Because of this, editorial policy decrees that nothing that infuriates any advertiser or potential advertiser will be published. As such, readers will never get the entire truth about nutrition, supplements, and even exercise. Many web sites are also controlled by ads. Some “informational” web sites ensure that a subtle ad plug for products appears in every article. They don’t exist to teach and inform, but rather to sell. This is where Applied Metabolics Newsletter comes into play. There are no ads, no advertisers to pacify, only the pure, unvarnished truth. In addition, since I’ve been on the scene for 52 years, I can add my personal experiences in this area of nutrition, health, and exercise. As such, you will not only save money that might have otherwise been spent on worthless supplements, but you will also find ways to maximize your training progress.  While there are no true “secrets” relating to nutrition and exercise, there are a lot of tricks and short-cuts that are not well-known. I will discuss all of them in this newsletter, many of which I have not previously discussed. I will also discuss ways to keep healthy for life and avoid the catastrophic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer that often cuts life short.


14 11, 2013

Hollywood Trainer has Solution for Fighting Holiday Pounds

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holiday-poundsLos Angeles – The holiday season brings family gatherings, office parties, and lots of enjoyable food.  Great tasting food usually brings unwanted holiday pounds, and Mike Torchia, trainer to some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, brings his successful and effective program to consumers throughout the Los Angeles area.

Torchia’s unique style of fitness conditioning will help you easily melt away holiday pounds and establish beneficial lifelong habits of proper nutrition and daily exercise.

Torchia’s clients include: Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Roseanne Barr, Kim Cattrall, Matt Damon, Ralph Lauren, and Joe Mantegna as well as the elite clientele of the Hotel Bel-Air and Beverly Hills Hotel.  Torchia’s fitness techniques and dietary program consultations have led thousands to a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Torchia understands that not everyone has the time to train like a Hollywood star preparing for their next role, especially with the stress of the holiday season, so he works with each client to establish personal fitness goals that fit their busy life and gets them through all the holiday parties. His personal touch begins with examining each individual’s fitness needs, utilizing the best training method, dietary plan, and exercise frequency in order to achieve optimal results in the shortest period of time.

There are hundreds of fitness methods in practice today, and Torchia works with each client to determine which technique best meets their physiology.  A fitness regiment is not complete without a proper diet, and Torchia will design a dietary strategy that does not leave you feeling hungry all the time, yet let’s you enjoy still be able to enjoy the holiday festivities.  A gourmet cook as well as a trainer, he redesigns holiday recipes for foods that are not typically considered diet food.  Roseanne Barr fell in love with his chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake. She couldn’t believe that this decadent dessert could fit into her new lifestyle.  Developing greater fitness levels and rapid weight-loss requires frequency, and Torchia understands that a busy lifestyle can make consistent workouts difficult.  That’s why Torchia conducts home and work calls to meet his clients personal needs. With 25 years of proven fitness expertise, Torchia has been featured on NBC Today Show, Dateline, Extra, Fox News, CBS News, and ABC News.  He has authored articles for, Newsweek, Men’s Health, In-Style, Allure and Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

In addition, Torchia proudly introduces the Operation Fitness Kid’s program which is designed to combat obesity & inactivity in young children and teens.  Operation Fitness will teach kids how to easily integrate health and fitness routines into their daily activities.  Torchia created this program to help kids become more motivated and improve their self-esteem in a “dynamic Kid-inspired way.”  Children will develop crucial social skills and learn how to be a team player through sports specific training, self-defense instruction, obstacle course challenges, and gym etiquette lessons.  The holidays bring cheer and happiness to many, but also can be the beginning of a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle for the entire family.


For Further information call MikeTorchia at 800.933.8633

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or visit his website at

25 10, 2013

Zoo Elephants Join U.S. Dogs at Fat Camp — New Study on Elephant Health Uncovers Obesity Problem

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by Alexis Croswell

First, American dogs are reported as getting hefty around the middle, and now it’s America’s captive zoo elephants that might have to work it off. A soon to be released, and fairly comprehensive, nationwide study of zoo elephant health has already unveiled some surprising results.

St. Lois Today reports, “Over three years, the

[27 member] team examined more than 100,000 pages of medical records, 6,000 blood samples and 40,000 pounds of elephant dung. Subjects included 255 elephants in 70 zoos from Mexico to St. Louis to Miami.”

The researchers developed a one to five scale to rate each elephant on the roundness of their rumps and the bulge in their backbones. Only four percent were tagged as too skinny, nearly three quarters of the elephants scored a four or five — overweight. This condition can lead to a decline in female reproductivity, which is something zoos monitor closely.

Two-thirds of the animals studied behaved in repetitive manners, such as swaying or pacing, which are often considered signs of mental or physical stress.

“Housing elephants in captivity in zoos is a growing controversy,” said Nicole Meyer, director of the elephant protection campaign for In Defense of Animals, a California advocacy group.

The report focuses mainly on the physical health of elephants in zoos, and not as much on their mental health.

Like we’ve said before, even with more spacious enclosures and enrichment opportunities, zoos cannot replace or truly recreate life in the wild.

Elephants are incredibly social and intelligent animals, they understand teamwork, help others in distress, and can understand the human gesture of pointing, to cite a few examples.

The study may provide some suggestions to improve the lives of elephants in zoos, and it’s great if such measures are taken to improve conditions for captive elephants that cannot for some reason be returned to the wild. However, this report and these suggestions should not be used to provide support for continuing captive elephant exhibits, no matter how well planned they may be.

Image Source: dalvenjah/Flickr

22 10, 2013

Is Katy Perry Causing Childhood Obesity?

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blog-katy-perryby Michelle Minton

No, of course not! However, a coalition of health advocates seems to be making that assertion when they sent her a letter this week asking that she relinquish her sponsorship of Pepsi because, they insist, its deviously effective marketing of soda to children is a cause of childhood obesity.

Never mind that childhood obesity rates are declining around the nation among all socioeconomic levels, the cause of obesity is not and never has been advertising. Additionally, the solution to any health problem our nation faces is not in the marketing of high-calorie foods. The real problem is that adults — specifically those with the responsibility of raising children — have abandoned their responsibility to instruct children about how to make healthy choices. The only way to inoculate a youngster from the relentless and ubiquitous marketing for less-than-healthful foods is to show them how to make overall healthy diet decisions.

On the other hand, quieting the marketing of a single high-calorie product will do absolutely nothing to address the problem of obesity in America. There are a million other options on store shelves; if a brainless zombie teen is at the mercy of commercials featuring pop stars, then they will simply be pushed toward a different ad and a different product with equally high sugar content.

At least, for its part, Pepsi as a company has been slowly making its products healthier and expanding its line of healthier alternatives. Other companies, like Kellogg’s, have used their profits and their celebrity sponsors to fuel campaigns that encourage youth sports. While it’s questionable how much these strategies will address obesity, they are certainly more effective than simply demonizing celebrities who endorse products.

Katy Perry, whose lyrics often promote a positive message of strength and self-confidence, is arguable a better role model for teens than many of the other performers out there. Obviously, she is free to decide which products and companies she wants to endorse. Of course, if and when Perry decides to end her sponsorship, Pepsi will certainly find another celebrity to take her place. Maybe Miley Cyrus would be interested in the job.

3 04, 2013

International Fitness and Nutrition Expert Michael Torchia Teams up with Intelligent Avatar

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blog-avatarBeverly Hills, California, April 3, 2013 — Intelligent Avatar  announced today that it has teamed up with renowned fitness expert Michael Torchia of Operation Fitness. “In unveiling our first set of products to the world, we’re thrilled to team up with Michael Torchia to provide a new tool for teaching correct methods of exercise and proper nutrition,” stated Alison Savitch, VP of Intelligent Fitness “Michael is unquestionably the most diverse and qualified fitness expert in the world today.”

Michael Torchia has created a multi-disciplined lifestyle conglomerate, the first in its category that focuses on every phase of the lifestyle process, including physical fitness and nutritional solutions. He offers a fresh, effective approach to fitness that helps the entire family create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Torchia’s innovative programs are interactive and help both children and adults achieve optimal fitness levels through age-appropriate exercise and nutritious eating. Michael – whose expertise has made him a public person as well, brings to his clients a personalized program that combines diet, physical training, and mental acuity. Michael has worked extensively with members of the Royal Families of Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Qatar and is affectionately termed by them as the “Beverly Hills Healer.”

“Unlike many famous trainers who tout their celebrity clientele, Michael steps up and changes lives on a grander scale,” continued Savitch. “Michael has created new ways of life for tens of thousands of individuals around the world and is the fitness advisor to such luminaries as Kevin Spacey, Al Pacino and Matt Damon, to name a few.”

“For over 2 decades, my clients have said over and over how they wish I could be cloned,” stated Michael Torchia, founder of Operation Fitness. “Now through our partnership with Intelligent Fitness, we can make this happen. I’m looking forward to taking my diverse expertise in health and fitness and making it available to everyone.”

According to sources close to the Company, Michael is dedicated in helping as many people as possible, and has a special place in his heart to cure the child obesity epidemic. “I was an obese child growing up,” continued Torchia. “The doctor called me and my mother into his office and told me that if I didn’t lose weight, I would be stricken with health problems such as diabetes and heart disease when I was older; I quickly changed my lifestyle.” Michael works with some of the most influential child health advocates in the world including the current U.S. Surgeon General and First Lady Michelle Obama to promote proper nutrition and daily exercise among children across the nation.

“What makes Michael different from the ‘celebrity trainer’ is that Michael not only develops health and fitness programs for his clientele, he develops new ways of life,” stated Jerry, Director of Intelligent Avatar. “Michael genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives of everyday people as expressed by his campaign to Shape Up America and globally recognizable Operation Fitness. We’re thrilled about our new relationship with a man who wears so many hats so successfully, yet continues to promote a healthy lifestyle to anyone in the world who seeks it.”

The mission of Operation Fitness is to educate, motivate and inspire people to lead healthier lives by using technology and multiple distribution platforms and venues. “After interacting with the Intelligent Avatar board of directors for the past few weeks, we concluded that this would be the perfect platform to offer individualized health and fitness programs, to bring about a positive change in the lives of people around the world,” continued Torchia. “Using powerful artificial intelligence technology, we plan to reach people on a much greater scale and improve the populations’ health, millions of people at a time.”

For more information on the Intelligent Avatar and Operation Fitness, please e-mail a package request to or call 800.933.8633. You can also make comments via Twitter (

1 04, 2013

Joe Weider, legendary bodybuilding and fitness icon, dies at 93

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By Megan Garvey,0,6121077.story


Joe Weider, who made millions from a fitness empire and mentored a young Austrian bodybuilder who went on to become a major movie star and governor of California, has died.

Weider, 93, passed away Saturday of heart failure  at his home in Los Angeles, according to a news release. The multimillion-dollar publishing empire he built included Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Shape, and Men’s Fitness magazines.

His death was marked by his protege Arnold Schwarzenegger, who called Weider “the godfather of fitness.”

“Joe didn’t just inspire my earliest dreams; he made them come true the day he invited me to move to America to pursue my bodybuilding career,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement. “I will never forget his generosity.”

Weider was born Nov. 20, 1920, in Montreal. He first dreamed of power as a young teenager living in a gang-infested ghetto there. When he was 13, he crafted crude dumbbells and then worked out until he was able to stand down bullies who beat him up.

He created the Mr. Olympia event in 1965.  Two years later, Weider discovered Schwarzenegger at a body-building contest in Europe.

He soon invited Schwarzenegger to move to California and funded the young bodybuilder’s first apartment in Santa Monica, giving him enough money to make ends meet. Weider also orchestrated Schwarzenegger’s first acting role in a TV movie.

Asked by the producers of “Hercules Goes Bananas” for a “a muscleman who could act a little,” Weider pointed them to Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger told The Times in 1989 that Weider pumped up his resume to get him the job, telling the producers that Schwarzenegger had done Shakespearean plays in Germany.

“It was all bull,” Schwarzenegger admitted. “I didn’t speak much English at all. We went to meet these guys and Joe said, ‘Don’t say anything. I’ll do the talking.’ ”

While he had staunch supporters, Weider’s critics complained about his outsized ego and bruising business style. Weider at times called himself the Jesus Christ, the Mahatma Gandhi and the Karl Marx of his field.

He studied the tactics of leaders who inspired the masses, including Winston Churchill, Moses, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, and collected the original letters of men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud.

“You think anybody says negative things about Jesus? About Moses?” Weider asked The Times during a 1989 interview. “You get a lot of atheists and devil worshipers that hate God. Why should I be loved by everybody?”

He is survived by his wife, Betty Weider.

MORE ON JOE WEIDER: Joe Weider dies at 93; pioneer bodybuilder and publisher

19 05, 2012

Former Teenage Mr. America Says ‘Thanks to Jack Lalanne’

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I was an obese young boy when I first saw Jack Lalanne on television. My mother brought me into our living room to watch Jack’s fitness show, because she felt he could help me lose weight and become physically fit. She was right and I have never stopped since!

Jack Lalanne was my mentor, friend and inspiration for pursuing a career as an authority in the field of health and fitness. I know first hand the pain and difficulty millions of people suffer from dissatisfaction with their own bodies. Low self-esteem is a devastating result.

I have spent my life overcoming it and have through years of studying, teaching and living it. I’ve worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and have won several national titles in the sport of bodybuilding, including Teenage Mr. America, Collegiate Mr. USA and Mr. California.

I have devoted my life to finding a safe solution for childhood obesity and to helping people create a healthier lifestyle, as Jack. On Jack’s 94th birthday he told me that he was so proud of my dedication to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity and my passion to follow in his foot steps.

4 05, 2012

Former Mr. Universe turns 100

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He doesn’t drink or smoke, and centenarian Manohar Aich credits his longevity to a healthy lifestyle in which he minimizes stress and focuses on happiness.

Aich won the Mr. Universe international bodybuilding championship in 1952. He celebrated his 100th birthday on Sunday surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Kolkata, an eastern city in India.

Standing just 4 feet, 11 inches tall, Aich earned the nickname “Pocket Hercules,” the Associated Press said in a report.

AP Photo/Bikas DasHis lifestyle and a simple diet of milk, fruits and vegetables along with rice, lentils and fish have kept him healthy, the bodybuilding trainer told the AP.

Aich turned to bodybuilding while he was imprisoned in the 1940s for opposing Britain’s continued colonial rule of India. When he was released, he went on to compete as a bodybuilder, earning success in international competition that culminated with his taking the Mr. Universe title.

While his wife took care of their children, Aich traveled, competed and made a living. On his return to India, he trained future bodybuilding champions.

“I didn’t become rich. There is not much money in bodybuilding,” he told the Indian Express newspaper. “But there is respect. And for that, I wouldn’t mind being a bodybuilder in my next life as well.”

He has led a fulfilled life, but Aich regrets never having met his fellow Mr. Universe, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s seen many of the Governator’s films, though.

“I like the incredible stunts he does in the movies,” Aich told the AP.

10 03, 2012

Seeking The Truth About Dr. Oz

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Doctor OZ has been preaching on his show that apple juice and baby food contain poisonous ingredients, but he encourages people to microwave their foods!  We all know the potential dangers of microwaving our foods, especially foods in plastic bags & containers.  Doctor OZ claims to be providing cutting edge advice and creating awareness of potential toxic foods and beverages, but he ignores to inform us of all the medically proven studies that prove the dangers of microwaving foods and beverages in plastic containers.  It seems like he has a hidden agenda in place?  This is a warning sign.  We need to confront Doctor OZ on his decisions of not address the ill effects of microwaving, and many other dangers Americans should be aware of and provide sensible solutions for us.

Did you know immediately after the Doctor OZ show, stores likes Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s sell out of any vitamin supplements and food products he endorses within 2 hours!  It’s important we be careful of who we trust and never give anyone, even Doctor OZ the power over us.  We need to stop giving these talk show hosts aka game show hosts, such power and influence over the American public.  When Doctor OZ first launched his show it was very informative and educational, it’s now become more of a game show at times and less of an educational platform.  He selects products that have very low levels of toxic ingredients and goes on these rants to sensationalize the dangers of consuming these everyday food products and beverages; then ignores more dangerous foods that Americans are consuming.

I strongly suggest people go on their computers and research the potential ill effects of microwaving foods in plastic containers. Then collect the extensive list of articles and email them to Doctor OZ and the producers of his show.  We need to start today, Americans need to stop these high profile Doctors from becoming puppets for the food, beverage and drug companies.  We need health leaders that cannot be influenced by money and truly give sensible and safe advice for the purpose of good and not financial gain.

For further information or to submit your comments email: