I was an obese young boy when I first saw Jack Lalanne on television. My mother brought me into our living room to watch Jack’s fitness show, because she felt he could help me lose weight and become physically fit. She was right and I have never stopped since!

Jack Lalanne was my mentor, friend and inspiration for pursuing a career as an authority in the field of health and fitness. I know first hand the pain and difficulty millions of people suffer from dissatisfaction with their own bodies. Low self-esteem is a devastating result.

I have spent my life overcoming it and have through years of studying, teaching and living it. I’ve worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and have won several national titles in the sport of bodybuilding, including Teenage Mr. America, Collegiate Mr. USA and Mr. California.

I have devoted my life to finding a safe solution for childhood obesity and to helping people create a healthier lifestyle, as Jack. On Jack’s 94th birthday he told me that he was so proud of my dedication to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity and my passion to follow in his foot steps.