Health & Wellness Center Design

Who we are: 

An elite group of experts who design personalized Health and Wellness Centers for hotels and resorts. We design signature health and wellness centers that provide elite luxury seekers an exclusive destination of health and wellness programs, offering services specifically designed for people interested in creating a healthier lifestyle, who also appreciate being pampered. We assemble a professional experienced team that will meet the needs of the minds, bodies and spirits of all your guests. We train your wellness center staff to serve your guests with the best products and services available anywhere in the world. We give them the tools and resources to be in the best health, physically and mentally, ever! We make it possible for your guests to escape to the most luxurious wellness center and experience heaven on earth while in your care.

Our Vision: 

To bring to life everything your guests have ever dreamed of or imagined, a little piece of heaven on earth. To create a retreat where each and every individual leaves feeling like they have received the royal treatment that they deserve. To establish “Heavenly Health” and a renewed spirit, in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment where your guests can nurture their mind, body and soul. To create Euphoria and inner peace, a profound sense of well being, a state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment.

What we do: 

We provide an unrivaled health club design and consultancy service for high profile clients, including; hotels, resorts, country clubs, luxury residences, yachts and cruise liners, airports, luxury brands, all with the intention of including or adding a wellness center to their property. We’re here to help your guests discover what it truly means to be pampered. The guests of your signature health and wellness center will experience a one of a kind, self-rewarding, soothing escape from their busy lifestyle. Everyone deserves the right to look and feel special. We provide an optimal health assessment program to cater to the guests’ requested needs and desires. This is a unique assessment that combines a series of diagnostic tests and leads to a personalized health status for all of our guests. These results give your guests a very detailed plan for their specific health needs. Based on recommendations from the team of expert practitioners we have assembled for you, each guest will receive the finest care and most effective health treatments.

To learn more about Michael Torchia’s Wellness Center Consulting Services, e-mail or call  800.933.8633