blog-avatarBeverly Hills, California, April 3, 2013 — Intelligent Avatar  announced today that it has teamed up with renowned fitness expert Michael Torchia of Operation Fitness. “In unveiling our first set of products to the world, we’re thrilled to team up with Michael Torchia to provide a new tool for teaching correct methods of exercise and proper nutrition,” stated Alison Savitch, VP of Intelligent Fitness “Michael is unquestionably the most diverse and qualified fitness expert in the world today.”

Michael Torchia has created a multi-disciplined lifestyle conglomerate, the first in its category that focuses on every phase of the lifestyle process, including physical fitness and nutritional solutions. He offers a fresh, effective approach to fitness that helps the entire family create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Torchia’s innovative programs are interactive and help both children and adults achieve optimal fitness levels through age-appropriate exercise and nutritious eating. Michael – whose expertise has made him a public person as well, brings to his clients a personalized program that combines diet, physical training, and mental acuity. Michael has worked extensively with members of the Royal Families of Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Qatar and is affectionately termed by them as the “Beverly Hills Healer.”

“Unlike many famous trainers who tout their celebrity clientele, Michael steps up and changes lives on a grander scale,” continued Savitch. “Michael has created new ways of life for tens of thousands of individuals around the world and is the fitness advisor to such luminaries as Kevin Spacey, Al Pacino and Matt Damon, to name a few.”

“For over 2 decades, my clients have said over and over how they wish I could be cloned,” stated Michael Torchia, founder of Operation Fitness. “Now through our partnership with Intelligent Fitness, we can make this happen. I’m looking forward to taking my diverse expertise in health and fitness and making it available to everyone.”

According to sources close to the Company, Michael is dedicated in helping as many people as possible, and has a special place in his heart to cure the child obesity epidemic. “I was an obese child growing up,” continued Torchia. “The doctor called me and my mother into his office and told me that if I didn’t lose weight, I would be stricken with health problems such as diabetes and heart disease when I was older; I quickly changed my lifestyle.” Michael works with some of the most influential child health advocates in the world including the current U.S. Surgeon General and First Lady Michelle Obama to promote proper nutrition and daily exercise among children across the nation.

“What makes Michael different from the ‘celebrity trainer’ is that Michael not only develops health and fitness programs for his clientele, he develops new ways of life,” stated Jerry, Director of Intelligent Avatar. “Michael genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives of everyday people as expressed by his campaign to Shape Up America and globally recognizable Operation Fitness. We’re thrilled about our new relationship with a man who wears so many hats so successfully, yet continues to promote a healthy lifestyle to anyone in the world who seeks it.”

The mission of Operation Fitness is to educate, motivate and inspire people to lead healthier lives by using technology and multiple distribution platforms and venues. “After interacting with the Intelligent Avatar board of directors for the past few weeks, we concluded that this would be the perfect platform to offer individualized health and fitness programs, to bring about a positive change in the lives of people around the world,” continued Torchia. “Using powerful artificial intelligence technology, we plan to reach people on a much greater scale and improve the populations’ health, millions of people at a time.”

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