In Los Angeles, where the pursuit of health mirrors the pursuit of fame, Mike Torchia has emerged as America's Fitness Coach and Trainer to the Stars. Renowned for his comprehensive approach to wellness, Mike's clientele includes A-list celebrities and Hollywood elites. Yet, his impact transcends the glitz and glamour, as he passionately combats health misinformation and unhealthy lifestyles through his celebrated podcast, "Live Well and Thrive." Mike's journey from a dedicated bodybuilder to a wellness beacon underscores his commitment to promoting true wellness—a harmonious blend of physical, mental, and emotional health.

Mike Torchia's story is one of determination and authenticity. Dissatisfied with the proliferation of dubious health advice online, he launched "Live Well and Thrive" to provide credible, actionable insights based on personal experience and principled skepticism. His philosophy rejects commercial endorsements unless personally vetted, ensuring his audience receives genuine recommendations. Beyond his Hollywood clientele, Mike's programs are designed to educate individuals and families on achieving balanced well-being. Through his podcast, Mike offers a community of support, laughter, and practical wisdom, inspiring listeners to join his movement towards a healthier, happier life.